Bulletin #2: Remembering the Past!

06 July, 2018

Welcome to the second oneTRANSPORT® Data Marketplace news bulletin! Since our last bulletin update in May, we have been busy developing and testing a range of new ‘most wanted’ service features, including the ability to travel back in time!  We hope these latest updates help you further exploit real-time data.

Read on for an outline of the new oneTRANSPORT® Data Marketplace features that are now live and available to all customers.



Real-time data is constantly changing.  You can now configure your oneTRANSPORT® Data Marketplace service to keep an ongoing record (‘Historical Archive’) of your real-time feeds. This type of archiving can be configured separately for each real-time data set. Once enabled, the oneTRANSPORT® Data Marketplace service will automatically store the history of your data feeds in files that can be downloaded and shared with others.  All datasets that have been published previously have had this feature enabled automatically. In addition, the existing datasets have had static files added to provide archive information for the past 2 years, where such data was available.

Data consumers can now access the history of real-time data feeds to support offline analysis, machine learning and AI applications.

Use historical data in the creation of predictive analytics and validation of models.



oneTRANSPORT® Data Marketplace already supported sharing of static datasets (reference files) associated with the real-time data in the previous release. Now you can also add static datasets without necessarily linking them to their real-time dataset counterparts. This is ideal for sharing file-based information that gives a full picture of city operations including cycle routes, asset locations, or any other file-based information you may want to manage and share.

Publish all your static and live data in one place making it easier for data consumers to access and use.



It’s your data, and you should control how others can access and use what you choose to share. We have increased the choice of data licences that you can offer when publishing data to the oneTRANSPORT® Data Marketplace. The options for data licensing are:

  • OGLv3 : an Open Data license, ideal for maximising the use of government datasets.
  • Creative Commons (CC BY v4.0): an Open Data license targeted for open sharing of private-sector information.
  • Limited Data License: enables organisations to license their data for research and in the development of new commercial applications and services. Adapted materials may be shared including commercially for a fee.

We recognise that other alternatives may be needed. Please contact our support team at if the licenses listed are not suitable for publishing your specific datasets.

Publish your data feeling assured that it is covered by the right license agreement.



Analysis of data usage is key to good decision making. New reports have been added to help you understand how your data is being accessed:

  • Use the ‘Data consumption’ report to understand how your organisation’s applications are consuming data from the oneTRANSPORT® Data Marketplace.
  • Use the ‘Data supplied / Revenue’ report to view the sources of income generated by any of your paid-for data sets that others have accessed.
  • Use the ‘Billing’ report to understand how any additional usage charges for the usage of oneTRANSPORT® Data Marketplace have been calculated.

Use the reports to understand where costs and revenue are being generated.



Most system usage is covered by our ‘fixed fee’ subscription charges. However, accessing any of the paid-for datasets and higher download or storage usage can lead to additional charges. We’ve added a ‘charges alert’ feature which generates an email notification when activities generate additional charges above a specified threshold. This is in addition to any email alerts that are triggered when you start to access paid-for data, or when prices for paid-for data are modified by data owners.

Set charges alerts that notify you of any service activities that are generating additional charges.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like a demonstration of any of these new features, or if you would like our guidance on how they can support your own activities.


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