oneTRANSPORT® data marketplace is unlocking a new generation of Smart City benefits across the UK.

Previously isolated and inaccessible data about real-time operations of towns and cities is being opened to organisations to provide new insights, improve decisions and build intelligent services that significantly improve citizen life. Over £1B could be unlocked in the UK over the next 5 years, through the sharing and improved exploitation of city data across the country.

oneTRANSPORT data marketplace enables you to:

  • Store your real-time or other reference data in the cloud, with auto-archiving of historical real-time data to files
  • Share your data privately across your organisation via web interface or through standardised APIs
  • Make real-time data discoverable and accessible to other organisations, and, access reports on who is consuming your data
  • Discover and consume data that others have published via license terms
  • Share your data for free or set a price for your data, enabling monetisation of valuable information

No Data Lock-In: oneTRANSPORT data marketplace does not require exclusivity to published data, so organisations can use and distribute their data through other means as well.

No Vendor Lock-In: oneTRANSPORT data marketplace technology and interfaces comply with the international oneM2M™ standard which does not lock you to a proprietary technology from a single vendor.

Transport Operators:

  • Open up your data to a wider transport ecosystem
  • Enable innovators to create new Intelligent Mobility Services
  • Extract value and monetise your data assets

National Transport Agencies:

  • Open up your closed data systems
  • Enable innovators to create new Intelligent Mobility Services
  • Unify National and Regional data and services

Local Government & Transport Authorities:

  • Share data between regional and local authorities
  • Understand your own and surrounding regions better
  • Open your data to private sector service innovators

Transport Technology & Service Providers:

  • Access data from across the UK through one interface
  • Discover new service opportunities and efficiency savings
  • Open your data to others and monetise valuable data

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